Quality of Care and Aging in America

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Organizational Responsibility and Current Health Care Issues HCS545
February 20, 2012

This paper will analyzes and describes how quality of care is affected by organizational culture, structure, governance and social responsibility. It will describe how the evaluation of the organizational structure affected decisions, what resources should be allocated to prevent ethical issues and what strategies are in place to prevent these issues. There are many negative issues facing the health care organizations and it has deeply affected the country. The prime examples of these issues include the aging in America and the quality of care. The dying patients do not get the quality of care when they are seeking medical attention and this has been a major issue. There are many public hospitals that rely on the government to provide and allocate funds to facilitate medical services which many people are forced to seek these services. The health care sector, which is made up of both the private and public sector, provide medical services to mostly dying patients. Research has shown that the public sector does not provide quality services to patients. Due to the lack of insurance coverage and the increase in medical cost, majority of the patient are still not able to afford medical services at the private hospitals. Organizational structure and governance

Employees in the healthcare organizations have a set of attitudes, belief and values that they share. According to Moss and Dobson (2006), most health care organizations do not have strong organizational culture and this has influenced the performance of the employees. This has also affected leadership in the organization and increased conflicts in the organization. Poor working conditions lead to poor organizational culture and structure which will in turn affect the way how the employees perform. A poor organizational culture can lead to stress and lower quality patient care that leads to poor quality of care and...

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