Quality Improvement In Nursing Essay

Topics: Health care, Health care provider, Patient, Nursing, Medicine, Health / Pages: 3 (549 words) / Published: Aug 12th, 2017
In a competitive and continuously evolving healthcare system, quality improvement efforts are essential to provide safe, effective and efficient care to patients. Since there are a plethora of healthcare facilities available for patients to choose from, the quality of care is a big factor in the success of a business (General business resources, n.d.). Therefore, quality improvement (QI) projects that follow the Institute of Medicine’s six domains of health care quality will be able to provide safe, equitable, high quality, effective, and well-timed care to withstand these competitive areas (IHI,2017). Advanced Practice Registered nurses (APRNs) with a doctoral level education (DNP) are scholarly prepared nurses who are educated with leadership skills and evidenced based practice knowledge …show more content…
In an 11- week quick time frame, the APRN has to spend an average of 46 hours per week dedicated to the QI project along with direct patient care. If this clinic routinely allows an APRN to conduct a QI project on a regular basis throughout the year, it takes only 10 hours a week for conducting the QI project and planning. Therefore, APRN can utilize more time for direct patient care and other necessary activities instead of carrying out QI projects in a shorter time period.
We can see from this chart that this APRN generates a remarkable income for this clinic while also conducting a QI project. From conducting this QI project, her care has influenced 265 patients and families. The data concludes that conducting a QI project is not at all compromising the revenue of this clinic. On the contrary, it is significantly beneficial to the clinic and patient by enhancing the quality and standard of care. Thank you for your time to review this document and I hope that in the future, this facility will embrace more QI initiatives and will consider having more DNP students.

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