Topics: Islam, Philippines, Film Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: March 3, 2013
VILLORA, Keziah Eldene M.

QIYAMAH (The Reckoning)

Qiyamah or The Reckoning is a term used in Islam to define the last days of the Earth before Allah destroys it. The film was directed by Gutierrez Mangansakan II. The story revolves around the small Muslim town in South Cotabato and how they cope up with the various signs of the end of the world such as the rising of the sun in the west instead of east and the unresolved crime of rape in their town. It also showed how the families reunite despite knowing that their days on Earth are now counted. Qiyamah won the Best in Cinematography award during the national film festival. For me, I find the film quite dull especially during the first part yet find it interesting on some points.

Living in this new generation, it was difficult for me to stay focus on the film. Yet, after few tries of diverting my interests forcefully to watch the film, it had some scenes that will run into your mind. The good thing about the film was it preserved the whole Islamic and Filipino culture. The characters used the dialect spoken in South Cotabato, where the film was shot, as the medium language. There were also few Arabic words, especially in their Sallah or Common Prayer is used. Despite the differences between our religions in the film, the quality of being family-oriented of we rural or urban Filipinos was also shown. These are the waking up early of the members of the family to start working, visiting of relatives even if they are far and saying prayers before eating meals. They also paid a big respect to their Abu or Father. Abus are like the head of the town. Another was how they have their own versions of babaylan. During the open forum, the director itself confessed how he paralleled his life to one of the families from the movie. One character is a balikbayan and he was not able to attend his mother’s funeral just like what happened to Mr. Mangansakan. Lastly, it was interesting to look how and when...
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