Qantas Core Competencies

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Qantas's Core Competencies (by Yong)

Based upon an independent study by Grant Samuel & Associates, Qantas is one of the most suc-cessful airlines in the world with solid long term growth potential (Qantas Airways Limited 2007). Qantas is one of the best performing airlines in the world with a number of very attractive core competencies as follows.

Qantas's Core Competencies
Deccan's Benefit if Merged with Qantas

Strong brand: Qantas is a globally recognized brand that enjoys excellent brand equity and outstanding customer loyalty (with over 4.6 million members of its frequent flyer pro-gram); Qantas connects Australia to most ma-jor destinations in the world in every continent. Moreover, Qantas has a well regarded man-agement team.

Indian customers will tend to believe that Dec-can service will improve based on reputation of Qantas. This makes Deccan more competitive than other Indian airlines. World's safest airline: Qantas is one of the oldest airlines in the world that has an excellent record in safety. As a result, Qantas is univer-sally known as the world's safest airline. Qan-tas has an international reputation for engineer-ing workmanship. Qantas operates one of the largest aircraft engineering and maintenance organizations in the Asia Pacific region, pro-viding maintenance, inspections, upgrades, re-fits, inventory management and engineering training primarily for Qantas but also for other airlines.

Deccan will improve its safety record with the support of Qantas's engineering and mainte-nance expertise. Safety is viewed as the most important factor when choosing which airline to fly. Comprehensive experience and expertise: Qantas has long experience and abundant ex-pertise in 1)both domestic and international flights;

2)both a full service airline (Qantas) and a low cost carrier (Jetstar); and 3)all levels of passengers (premium seg-ment, economic segment, and budget segment)
If Deccan decides to go international or launch...
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