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Qantas is a domestic budget airline established in Australia since 1920. The first operated aircraft of this company is an Avro 504K carried two passengers and one pilot. It is one of the airline company underwent the trading transformation during mid-century by the end of the last century. The airline commences to expand by the end of the wars. Qantas foresees there would be the huge growth in the civil air transport. In this case, it expands the range of the airplane and bye the new airline company. The targeting consumers of this airline are people who enjoy the good services, efficiency and cheap price of the company ("Qantas Background - Essays - Lenzzkii", n.d.) .

Although, Qantas underwent so many things it still has some weaknesses to improve. The first suggestion to Qantas is the outlook of the plane. Consumers would be interested when they see the different appearances of the plane. Qantas can paint various kinds of themes to attract attention. Also, it can combine the food with the themed plane. Consumers want to experience something new that they have not tried before. Thus, the themed plane is under consumer’s expectation. It cost more compared to the normal airplane. This is one of the limitations for Qantas as it is a budget airline. The idea is adapt component under SCAMPER techniques. Eva airline provides the Hello Kitty themed plane. It gives Hello Kitty lovers chance to experience the surrounding with all the Kitty’s seats, food and even tissue. Secondly, the laboratory is not functional enough for the passengers. Qantas can introduce advanced facilities for passengers to take bath during the long flight. Passengers would desire to have a shower room when they take more than 10 hours flight. The size of the plane must be improved in order to include the shower rooms. There should be around five shower rooms as there are many passengers. However, there is a difficult problem for the Qantas. It is tough to maintain the hot water while...

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