Pure Football

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Pure football
The world of football has grown to be the biggest sport on earth. Nearly every person in the world admires a football player, so my grandfather said ‘why not give it a go’ with his first born son (My father). At a very young age, my father was born into a life of football. The first thing he was given to play with was a football. At the young age of five, he was enrolled into the local football club called Dortsville FC. He started off as a goalkeeper, but he was rubbish at it. Then he try up front, still rubbish, then midfield, and as you guessed it he was hopeless. Then at last they gave him a chance as a defender. My father Paul Shelvey was so sick and tired of people calling him rubbish, hopeless and so on; he took his anger out on the players by slide tackling them. He was so good at tackling and not letting the strikers, midfielders or the odd time a defender get past him that the manager put him in the first team in every game. As time went on, my father improved so much so that he got trials at Aston Villa FC, Sunderland FC and other fairly big clubs. At the age of 15 he got into Sunderland FC. He got his debut at the age of 17, against a small club in the F.A. Cup. Soon after, he got into the first team and was one of the best defenders in England. He then got signed by Real Madrid and was one of the highest paid defenders in the league. But he was injured badly in a big game against Liverpool FC in the Champions League semi-finals. After thirteen months of therapy, he came back into the squad, but he wasn’t back to his great form of play. He was then sold back to England, to a Championship club up north. After a season with the club, he retired and came home to his darling wife and son and became a stay-at-home dad. When I was born, my father called me Ian, after his mentor Ian Rush who used to play for the great Liverpool Football Club back in the 80’s when Liverpool was managed by the great Kenny Dalglish. My father always told me that whatever I do my father will always support me. At a young age I loved football, not because of my father but because I loved everything about the beautiful game. When I got my first football jersey (Liverpool FC Home Jersey 2000) my father said ‘you might as well get the away jersey as well ‘. I was jumping with joy! I then joined the local football team called Mighty Shamrocks. At first, I asked my coach, ‘which position do I play’ and he said ‘where do you want to play? Where do you think you are good at? ‘. I said that I was good everywhere. He wasn’t sure if I was messing or not. So he put me through every single place I could think of. At the end of my third training session with the club he told me I would be well suited for the centre of midfield. At the age of 14, at the end of a cup final where I scored the winning goal and was awarded the Man of the Match Award, a scout from Aston Villa was talking to the team’s manager and pointing at me. I was fairly surprise about this to tell you the truth. After the match my fellow team mates and I were talking and wondering which one of us were going to be picked by the scout to get a trial at Aston Villa FC . The lads were all pointing their fingers at me because the scout was talking to my father outside before the game. But I told the lads that it was ridiculous, even if I thought so. When I was walking over to my father to bring me and a few of the lads home, the scout came over and told me and a team mate, John that we were chosen to go for a trial in England with Aston Villa FC. We were ecstatic and were jumping up and down so much that we did not notice that he had gone. That night me and the team went out and celebrated like there was no tomorrow. That summer John and I went over to Aston Villa’s Stadium for the trials. Out of sixty six people, only eleven will make it through. So John and I had to be on top form if we wanted to make it big. We were there for a week, training like mad. At the end of...
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