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MBA Part-II (Semester-III)
301 Project Management
Course Overview The subject emphasizes on imparting the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques involved in carrying out project activities so as to ensure that projects are delivered within budget and schedule. The subject content would be spread over 32 hours (min.) on theoretical work and 16 hours (min.) on practical work.

Course Syllabus
Group I: Concepts of Project Management: Meaning and Definition of Project, Characteristics of a project, Project Life Cycle Phases, Role of a Project Manager, The Planning Process: Work Breakdown Structure, Cost Planning – tools & techniques, cost estimation, Time Planning – tools & techniques. Group II: Project Appraisal: Technical Feasibility, Economic Feasibility, Financial Evaluation, Appraisal Under Risk and Uncertainty, Sensitivity Analysis, Social Cost Benefit Analysis: Rationale, Fundamentals of Shadow Pricing, Basic approaches to Social Cost Benefit Analysis. Group III: Scheduling: Graphic representation of project activities, Network Analysis, Network Techniques: PERT and CPM. Resource Allocation, Overview of MS-Project 2000. Control of Projects: control systems, control of constraints – cost and time. Recommended Texts  Harvey Maylor, Project Management, Pearson Education, New Delhi, 2nd Edition.  Prasanna Chandra, Projects: Planning, Analysis, Selection, Implementation & Review, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd., New Delhi, 6th Edition.  United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, Guide to Practical Project Appraisal – Social Benefit Cost Analysis in Developing Countries, Oxford & IBH.  Jack R. Meredith, Project Management: A Managerial Approach, Wiley Publications, 1st Edition. Instructions 1. Theory: Group-I and Group-II carry 30 marks each (External and Internal). 2. Practical: Group-III carries 40 marks which will be jointly evaluated by Internal and External experts. 3. Six questions to be set, three to be attempted, not more than two to be attempted from each group. 4. Duration of the paper will be two hours. 5. Written paper will be from Group-I and Group-II only. 1. 301 Project Management


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MBA Part-II (Semester-III)
302 Software Lab (Internet & E-Commerce Course Syllabus
Group I: Introduction to E-Commerce, Tools for E-Commerce, Back End Tools for E-Commerce, ASP-objects, ASP and data access, making queries with ASP, Set and Post Methods, File access, Components of ASP. Personal Web Server as a server for an internet. Designing an online shopping store using ASP. Group II: VB SCRIPT: Attaching Script to a page, VB Script Event Procedures, Scripting, Object Hierarchy, VB Scriptinteraction with Form. Group III: JAVA SCRIPT: Attaching Script to a page, Object, Methods and Events. Control Statements, Introduction to Java Applets. Recommended Texts  S. Walther and J. Levin, Teach Yourself E-Commerce Program with ASP in21 Days, Techmedia, 2000.  Walther, ASP, Techmedia, 2000. Instructions The evaluation will be as follows: 1. Evaluation Internal: 50 marks is Lab based. 2. Evaluation of practical will be joint by the External and Internal experts and will be from 50 marks. 302 Software Lab (Internet & Ecommerce)


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MBA Part-II (Semester-III)
303 Advertising and Sales Management
Course Overview The primary objective is to make students familiar with basics of Sales Management and the duties & roles played by salesmen. The growing significance of process of advertising deserves the same focus and attention.

Course Syllabus
Group I: Nature and Scope of Sales Management, Organising, Recruitment and Selection of Sales Personnel, their Training and Development, Supervision & Appraisal, Motivating Sales Personnel, Carving Territories, Routing, Quota Sales Call Planning, Sales Forecasting, Sales Organisation – Structure and Control. Group II: Nature & Scope of Advertising Research, Consumer...
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