Public vs Private School

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While all children deserve the same chance, there are many differences between public and private school. Private school cost more money, but public school is free. Private school often focuses on faith, and is more selective. Public schools accept disabled and mentally ill students. On the other hand, if a child wants to attend a private school they must apply and meet their requirements. The quality of teaching and the expectations of the students differ from the two schools. In recent years there has been an increase in families who prefer private school but they cannot afford the fees. The rising cost factor of private school is preventing many students from attending. Public schools should have the same standards as private schools so students would have equal opportunities. When deciding between sending your children to public or private school, there are numerous factors one needs to take into consideration. The cost of attending private school at Watertown Christian starting in kindergarten is $2,450.00 a year. Grades 1-8 are $3965.00 per year, whereas if your child attended public school there is no cost. Transportation is another issue for parents hoping to send their children to private school. Most private schools do not offer transportation, however public school offers transportation such as bus rides. Student to teacher ratio is another large influence in the debate over private or public school. It has been found that in South Dakota the student to teacher ratio for grades k -8 is about 22:1 whereas at Watertown Christian School the student to teacher ratio is 13:1. Having more one-on-one connection with the teacher and smaller class sizes greatly benefits the students. Religious emphasis is just as important to others as the learning aspect is to some. The children that attend private school are selected based on certain standards. Each day if it’s a Christian school they are taught a different bible verse each day and often they attend church...
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