Public Veggie Burger

Topics: Hamburger, Fast food, Target market Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Public Veggie Burger (PVB)

Nature of Business:
Food is one of the basic necessities of human being; it is an important aspect for our survival. Every now and then, there is increasing number of businesses engage in food industry.
No matter how tough the economy and no matter how it rise or fall, people still needs to eat, thus even there is a wide recession in the global market, still food industry maintains its stability and improve their creativity.

Veggie Burger is a business engaged in making healthy burger, which aims to provide variety of vegetable burger to customers and to create new recipes that add nutrition at the least possible cost.

The Veggie burger is a business that will offer a new variant of burger. The target markets are men and women ages 13 and up. We also aim to introduce to children who commonly love eating burgers. Since a lot of people will surely love not just because of its taste but also because of its health benefits. Product / Services

Our feasibility study is a combination of product and service in which the intended product is the veggie burger and the service itself is like in a fast food restaurant in which we cook the hamburger then serve it immediately to our dear customers. Our store will most likely have dine in or take out hamburgers. We came with this idea because most often than not a customer want to feel comfortable while eating their food. The raw materials that we will be using in our business can easily be found in the market – meat, veggies, drinks, condiments, etc. We also intend to look for a supplier for these raw materials so that we can buy it at a lower cost. Technology

The technology that we will be using in our business will most likely be not that advance since we are still in the process of starting this business but we can assure you that the effectiveness and efficiency will be there as long as the management will be confident and competent. This feasibility study is our initial move to...
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