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Topics: Public transport, Brunei, Bus Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: April 11, 2013
For centuries, transport become the necessity for human beings to commute from one place to another. As an example, from simply walking followed by using animals as their transportation to the moment when vehicles were created clearly shows that transportation has massively evolved. Although both Brunei and Singapore have the same medium of transportation, still a huge difference can be spotted between them both. According to The Brunei Times (2013) “Citing statistics, the Ministry of Communications Deputy Permanent Secretary said that an estimated 15,000 vehicles are registered in the Sultanate every year.” Thus, the transportation between Brunei and Singapore can be described in three ways which are the similarities and differences of public transportation of both countries are using and the evaluation that can be obtained from both countries.

Firstly, the most obvious similarities about both countries are their medium of transport. Not only Brunei Darussalam has buses, taxis, water taxis and personal cars as their medium, Singapore too has the same medium. Stated in an article by Lee (N.D), the most common form of transportation in Singapore is the buses, followed by MRT and taxis respectively meanwhile in Brunei Darussalam, the most common form of public transportation is the bus. Even though both this countries have its similarities in public transportation, its usage of each medium makes the difference. In spite of the fact that, in Singapore, with the availability of buses that usually run daily from 5.30am to midnight with low rating are very useful for the communities around the area as most of the population do not own personal cars. Though Brunei Darussalam and Singapore have the similarities linking to bus as the common public transportation, the usage of bus in Brunei are mainly use by the foreigner instead of the locals while in Singapore, it is otherwise. According to Dimitriou (1992), the development of urbanization that causes the...

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