Public Sector Economics

Topics: Taxation, Tax, Taxation in the United States Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Cameron R. Phillips
Public Sector Economics
03 June 2013

Subject: Memorandum Proposal
In describing the economic advantages and disadvantages of the proposed tax policy change the advantage is that revenues increase substantially from $9,134 billion to $184,807 billion. From a macroeconomic viewpoint, the more money in circulation, the more money the firms will receive. With a greater amount of funds in circulation the more that workers will have in their net income. This concept stimulates the economy as a hole in a revenue approach and cash in circulation. On the contrary, the disadvantage is that the proposed tax rate was increased by 0.03 percent, the Finance sector was taxed and no one was zero rated besides Agriculture. In viewing the current law of products; the advantage is that the tax rate is slightly lower at 0.07 percent and all products were exempted from taxes, and zero rated thus receiving money back in terms of a credit. Despite the low revenue there the current tax policy tends to be more efficient. Considering that there are no taxes and credits are being received in terms or revenues. Focusing on the Proposed Law, this would be bias and favorable to the federal government. The federal tax system relies on a number of different types of taxes to generate revenues. Therefore raising the tax rate 0.03 percent to 0.10 the federal government is able to have more in revenues. In discussing the Current Tax Law, this would be more favorable to the consumers because of the lower tax rate. As consumers we want to pay less in taxes; lower taxes in turn pushes out the overall demand curve as we demand more goods and services with higher disposable incomes. Supply side tax cuts are aimed to stimulate capital. If successful, the cuts will shift both aggregate supply and demand because the price level for a supply of goods will be reduced, then it leads to an increase in demand for those goods. To label this table horizontal or vertical...
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