Public School Choice

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21 September 2013
Public School Choice
The use No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 encompasses public school choice for parents. There is no such thing as public school choice. Parents are given the opportunity to make requests for their child to attend certain institutions but there is no guarantee that this will actually occur. After participating in 6 lotteries for placement of my child she ended up going to her home school based on our address, the title 1 schools that public school choice is supposed to keep our children from having to attend. “If a child attends a Title I school that has been identified by the state for school improvement, corrective action, or restructuring, parents can choose to send the child to another public school that is not so identified (US Department of Education 2013). I have filled out a form for transfer to a school not labeled title one. It asked for 3 choices ranked in order by most and least preferred. There are never several schools that you want your child to attend. The application was denied due to all classes being full. I applied for a magnet program. Per the US Department of education magnets programs are to assist in the desegregation of public schools by supporting the elimination, reduction, and prevention of minority group isolation in elementary and secondary schools with substantial numbers of minority group students. The statute defines a magnet school as a public elementary school, public secondary school, public elementary education center, or public secondary education center that offers a special curriculum capable of attracting substantial numbers of students of different racial backgrounds (US Department of Education 2013). Our application was denied stating all classes full but offered me the same program at another school much further away from home without direct transportation but a satellite stop extremely early at their home school. Yes, I was given the opportunity to participate in the...

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