Public Opinion

Topics: Mass media, Newspaper, Broadcasting Pages: 1 (493 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Public Opinion, Media, Voting & Elections, and Political Parties Tamereaus Wadley
Dr.Tom Caizzo
American Government Polls-1101
24th October 2014
Essay 1- 2- 1 Print and Broadcast Media In mass communications and journalism, there are different ways messages are distributed to consumers. Print and broadcast media supply us with the same kind of information. We get the latest news updates, the latest products on the market and are given the opportunity to enjoy interesting stories. Although print is an older medium, both print and broadcast media have established a place in society. There are, however, clear differences between the two. The main difference being is that they appeal to different people and in different ways. Print Media are disposable publications for example newspaper’s, books, magazines, and newsletters. They hold Informative and sometimes entertaining content. With Print Media journalist have an opportunity to go more in depth with information, while a news broadcast has a limited time frame and would more than likely be limited to what they can or cannot say on the air. Print journalism edits the writing more so than broadcasting. Newspapers edit for accuracy. Whereas, broadcast journalism airs what is written out exactly word for word. There is little or no editing involved with broadcasting. Print journalism involves more style in the writing, and broadcast journalism is sharper with the words in order to get the message across more quickly. Broadcasting is the practice of creating audio and video program content and distributing it to the mass audiences of radio, television and Internet media. Seeing how we are known as the technology generation, Broadcasting seems to be a quick and easy way to find out what’s going on in the world....
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