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Topics: Health, Human, Healthy diet Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: February 5, 2013
In recent years, healthy problems have become an important issue of national concern. People like to do something to improve their health eagerly.

Some people suggest that the public health should be improved by increasing the number of sports facilities and promoting healthy diets,while others think that other measures should be taken. I think both views are reasonable.

First of all,with the stress of the work and the life,loads of people had no time (some are lack of money)to go to the gym doing daily exercises.If the public sports facilities have been built more, such as in every residential community or in some work area,then people could do some exercises after work or in the weekend conveniently.Secondly, the press should advocate the right awareness of healthy diets and the more healthy food should be offered to the people.Since a healthy diet is one that helps people to maintain or to improve general health. It is important for lowering many chronic health risks like obesity,heart disease,diabetes and cancer etc.

To this issue, some other people hold a different attitude, they believe that a healthy lifestyle do make people a good health. To start with,people should cultivate a good habit of sleeping and waking early.Only when a person who has enough sleep that can he gets a good health. Besides, happiness also could lead to a good health. A mental or emotional state of well-being character is much more important for people.

At the end, I must say both views are right. A good health not only need physical training and healthy diets but also a joyful mood.
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