Public Figures and Private Lives

Topics: Britney Spears, Britney, Michael Jackson Pages: 2 (838 words) Published: August 29, 2012
Public Figures and Private Lives
Publicity; it is umently a big deal. Everyone wants to be a celebrity. They want to be a famous actor, singer, etc. However, the real idea people need to be thinking about is, are you willing to give up your privacy and freedom? Once one becomes known to the public so does their entire life, whether one likes it or not. Take a look at Britney Spears; there is nothing about her life that is not public. Should this be a bad thing? Or should these public figure have their privacy? I think not. These celebrities came into the public eye for a reason, and one reason only, to be known. These people become role models to others, and what they do and the way they act should be revealed to their fans. As a result, one thinks no public figure should have the right to privacy. Because the whole idea of being a celebrity is to be a public figure, and with that comes the retribution of no privacy.

"I know I have been far from perfect" (Spears). Yes, so does the world. In 2007 Spears referred to her behavior as her "rocky moment" (Rudolph). All of her scandals have been shared with the world, thanks to the media. Britney has absolutely no privacy, so everything she does wrong is leaked out, eventually. If you think about it, why is it that the media seems to release the dire things people do? Is it because the people enjoy reading about that? Or just to be cruel to the celebrity? In ones opinion, the media does not give a celebrity any privacy because they know others may look up to them. But if these celebrities are doing corrupt things, then we as people have the right to be informed. One does not think a celebrity should have the right to privacy because there business entitles then to "fame". Plus, a part of that is to be known not only for what they do as a career, but what they do in life.

Britney Spear's private life should be exposed. She is an icon that many people enjoy watching, and if she is going to be an influence on kids...
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