Should People Make More of an Effort to Keep Things Private?

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People should make more of an effort to keep factors of their life private. For example when you see some people on Facebook updating about what they had for breakfast. I do not think we need to know that isn't them truly expressing themselves however that seems to be what they think they are doing. You shouldn't express yourself via the internet it should be what you do in certain situations and how you do it that express who you are.

Today, many seem to not to want to keep some mystery about them. In addition, the internet does make this difficult as all you have to do is 'Google' somebody and you can find out where they live, work, what their hobbies are and even who their family are. Initially, the fact you can find this information so easily is incredibly scary. Also it takes away the mystery of meeting someone and getting to know them when you can flick through their Facebook pictures and find out what they wore last Christmas. We expect people to respect our privacy but then we go and post all our details, this makes us hypocrites. I understand not everyone may do this but the majority do, if you post pictures on the internet, put your name and number anywhere you are giving away your privacy.

Even the governments cannot respect our privacy. They put security cameras on every corner, in every building. Understandably they prevent and solve crimes but as a result it removes our privacy. Also, it is a huge factor in being a 'nanny state' where we no longer have any privacy or the freedom to make decisions. They should respect our privacy and trust their people.

However, should they respect our privacy if we think we have the right to know about their private lives? For example, we know all about Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child but should we be privy to this information it doesn't affect is ability to do his jobs. Also football players are a good example as many of them have affairs but it doesn't affect how they play. Why do we know intimate...
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