Psychology of Creativity

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Psychology of Creativity

Name: Ian Tan Yi Wei
Admin number: 0901383J
Course: Diploma in Moving Images

What is Creativity?

When I first came into the School of Design in Temasek Polytechnic, I always thought Designing was always part of drawing, or visually tell what you are thinking and I had thought that the school would teach me these things, but as I went through my first semester, as a Year One student, I start to ask myself: What is Creativity to me, as a designer? As I did my drawing essentials class, my lecturer would always say, think out of the box, be creative in whatever you draw. Even in my 2D Art fundamentals the lecturer always said to be creative with your colours, play and experiment with it. I’ve came across the word creativity during my secondary school days, but I did not really pay attention to it because I thought I did not need to know it. During my secondary school days, I learnt in English class, Creativity is a mental process involving the discovery of new ideas or concepts, or new associations of the existing ideas or concepts, fuelled by the process of either conscious or unconscious insight. This is the theoretical definition, or from what I’ve learnt in this class, Creativity is ‘thinking outside the box’.

So thinking out of the box is creativity? No. That was not what I thought. There is something more than just thinking beyond my limits...Hence, my definition of Creativity. My definition of creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. It may not be easy creating something which is absurd or crazy to life, but as a Student of Design school, Creativity is an extremely important aspect of being a design student. It is because, without creativity, I would just be thinking of ordinary things, which are bland, plain and somewhat non-pleasing to the eye. The act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality, is to visually communicate to others what my idea or thought of idea is, no matter how crazy the idea may be, as long as it is workable, and be able to create it. Crazy ideas, to me, are the most creative of ideas, because it is not sensible, not applicable, and not possible, but because of my creativity, these crazy ideas might actually work if I planned it out properly. For example, People say we could never fly, but what did the Wright Brothers do? They made a machine in which people could fly on. A crazy yet new and imaginative idea, turned reality.

As a Design student, Creativity, as I have mentioned, is an extreme aspect of being a design student. I need creativity to create stories, character designing, and application techniques. Otherwise, I’d be expelled from this school. No, it’s not that serious, but Creativity is important for me. As part of Moving images, I have to tell stories visually, either it’s with the camera angles, the perspective of the characters, which point of view to look at, being one with the main character, feeling for him/her, I have to be creative to achieve all of these in my course. Right now I’m in Moving Images – Animation course, so it requires a lot of drawing and designing, re-designing of characters or the story and how I could apply the techniques learnt in such a way it’s easy for my group and I to work with, and to accomplish that, yes, Creativity plays a big role in it, such as, creating a way to simplify what the lecturer is trying to teach us, or thinking of the design of a character in the story I’m supposed to be doing.

However, as easy as I have easily stated how Creativity is and how much I need it and why it’s important to me, there are always two sides of the coin. Creativity can come naturally, or it might take some time thinking. The worst part of Creativity is easily forgetting what you want to do. Let’s say I have to start an assignment, but I get distracted and my mind goes blank after all that imagination to do the assignment. That’s probably how...
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