Psychology and Unconscious Component

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I have a “bad habit” which is I am lazy. When I am doing something, I always think I can do it tomorrow because it is not late. Not only in school, but also I am lazy in my life. in school, I try to be a good student at the beginning of the semester. But then, I am going to think that I can do my homework until the last due day. I do not want to do homework when the day that the teacher gives me. Sometimes, if I finish homework early one time, next time I will be lazier. In the life, I like to do something I really like. If I feel that I do not really like it, I will not do it or do it later. For example, sometimes I cooked, but I do not want to wash dishes because there has a lot. So, I will put dishes in the bucket one night or two nights. Although I am lazy, I still do my job at the end. I am persecuted by this bad habit long time.

I find three sources about how to change my laziness which are “How to Defeat Laziness: Causes of Laziness & Overcoming Laziness”, “How to Defeat Laziness: Causes of Laziness & Overcoming Laziness”, and “in changing your habits”. In “changing your habit”, Lawrence Wilson states that destructive and lazy habits inevitably lead to illness, poverty and despair. A first step to changing habits is to realize that all behavior is unconscious and mechanical. We are creatures of habit. This is why behavior and thought patterns are not easy to change. The unconscious component can be very deep and very old. We need to understand this, and then we can change the bad habits. According to Wilson, the first rule is do not rationalize, defend, justify or excuse your bad habits- no matter what. Second is put out and express and say to the universe or to the god that you are done with this habit and want this habit to go away. The Third is make up reasons to change the habit, if you must. The fourth is ask for guidance and help over again each day. The fifth is substitute better behaviors or habits rather than just deny...
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