psych 610 homework week8

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Week Eight Homework Exercise

Answer the following questions covering material from Ch. 14 of Methods in Behavioral Research:

1. What is replication, and what role does it play in increasing the external validity or generalizability of a study? In what way is the IRB involved in using participants in a research study? Replication is when a study can be done again and the same general results are found. If a study is highly replicable, that means that it can be done over and over and the same result will be found each time. This increases external validity in that if the results can be replicated than it is more probable that the findings are true and not due to any confound. The IRB is responsible for ensuring the welfare and human rights of participants involved in research studies and to make sure that the research doesn’t cause harm.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using college students as participants in research studies? The advantages are that college students are available and willing to participate in research studies for something as simple as extra credit. The disadvantage is that then the study becomes inundated with college students and therefore is not a good representation of the population in general. College students who participate are typically very young and display characteristics of such so therefore the rest of the population is not represented.

3. What potential problems can arise from generalization of results to different cultures or ethnic groups? Cultural differences and practices can really affect the generalizability of findings. As the book mentioned the sexually maturity of woman in some cultures can be viewed as more attractive while in other cultures it is not even taken into consideration. It is important to understand how one’s culture effects their perceptions and values. It may be impossible to generalize some findings between cultures. Something as simple as...
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