psy 202 ch 1&2

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Question 1.1. The following are all examples of descriptive research EXCEPT: (Points : 1) case studies.
correlation research design.
naturalistic observations.

Question 2.2. A scientist studied whether climate affected growth in rats. All rats were the same age and from the same parent rats. For the study, they were raised in three distinct climates: tropical, arctic, and multiseasonal. In this study, the climates are _______________. (Points : 1) categorical variables

dependent variables
independent variables
extraneous variables

Question 3.3. Changes based on biological and psychological forces are functions of _______. (Points : 1) normative age-graded influences
cultural and age-graded influences
normative and cultural influences
biological and cultural influences

Question 4.4. Professor Stone follows patterns as they relate to human habitats, development, and behaviors. She is _____________. (Points : 1) a cognitivist
an evolutionist
an ethologist
a behavioralist

Question 5.5. In a hypothetical study, researchers found that 5.7 out of 10 people preferred dogs to cats. These data results are _________________. (Points : 1) statistically significant
statistically insignificant
statistically relevant
statistically indeterminable

Question 6.6. Surveys: (Points : 1)
are self-reporting and always reliable.
are not self-reporting and provide statistically significant results. are self-reporting and may result in dishonest or unreliable results. provide nearly 100% returns with reliable results.

Question 7.7. The Law of Effect is the foundation for _________________. (Points : 1) psychodynamic theory
psychosocial theory
behavioral theory
ecological systems theory

Question 8.8. You have observed and noted the behaviors of one learner in your classroom, who you believe to have a learning disability. You take detailed notes over a designated period of time, with time and date stamps identifying significant performance markers, improvements, or other changes in learning achievement and behaviors. By following this protocol you have conducted ________. (Points : 1) an empirical study

a case study
a phenomenological study
a comparison study

Question 9.9. Thomas is a teacher who guides his students gradually and only as they require. His students’ learning grows on the foundational building blocks in a scaffolding fashion within a zone of proximal development. Thomas adheres to the reciprocal process as theorized by ______________________. (Points : 1) Erikson


Question 10.10. Many people believe that vaccines cause autism. This is an example of ______________. (Points : 1) a proven theory
an inaccurate theory
a folk theory
a research theory

Question 11.11. Gender is a social construct referencing cultural behavioral expectations for men and women. (Points : 1) True

Question 12.12. ______________ is a theorist who believed in a psychosocial model in which personality is a dynamic and fluid process that changes throughout life stages. (Points : 1) Erikson


Question 13.13. When evaluating sources, the following is true: (Points : 1) Begin with wiki sources as the first step.
You can always rely on governmental or educational sources. Blogs and news sources are rarely sufficient for academic study. Skepticism is not always necessary.

Question 14.14. Psychosocial development considers ___________. (Points : 1) personality, social, and emotional factors
temperament, cognitive, and physical factors...
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