Topics: Scientific method, Science, Pseudoscience Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Part 1

What is Science?
Science is a way of thinking. It seeks to understand natural phenomena. Science is based on detailed observation, experimentation and evidence. Science tests ideas and theories to develop proof.

What is Pseudoscience?
PSEUDOSCIENCE is “false” science. Pseudoscience often sounds scientific but lacks proven evidence. It often relies on personal testimonials or beliefs. Pseudoscience may be based on old texts or disproven research.

What is a THEORY? In science; in law, in everyday language? Theory is a well-tested explanation of scientific phenomena. Theory in science is well supported and has proven evidence to support it. Theory in LAW is an explanation of how a “crime” could have been committed but needs to be proven to a jury with evidence. Theory can change as new evidence is discovered.

Part 2
Discuss and take a position on whether or not Creation Science and/or Intelligent Design are science or pseudoscience.

Creation science is pseudoscience because it disproves generally accepted scientific facts. According to scientific community, creation science is a religious, not a scientific view.

Intelligent design is also rejected by the scientific community and labeled as pseudoscience because it is identified more towards religious and does not have scientific viewpoint. Not only that, it is also rejected by the mainstream science because of lack of empirical support. Science is based on evidence. Resources:

Part 3
Additional questions:
Can science and religion coexist?
It depends on what religion. There is a religion called Scientology, that religion talks a lot about science. There are some religions that contradicts with some of the scientific inventions. There are some religions that talked about some thousands of years ago and science is now...
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