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Topics: Ukraine, Russia, Vladimir Putin Pages: 4 (1264 words) Published: October 19, 2014
Some can argue that the war has been going on since world war 2, when Stalin wanted the farm land in Ukraine and he had found many ways of obtaining their land such as; starving the Ukrainian people of food till they died or gave up their land or they just killed the villagers, since then there have been many disputes between Russia and Ukraine. Russia has always felt that they had a certain cultural connection with Ukraine because when the Russian empire rose as a great empire its capital was in present day Ukraine. So it is understandable that some of the Ukrainian people are mad at the Russians. But the more recent conflict which is still going on started because the east side of Ukraine (which is the Russian speaking side, many of whom had voted for Yanukovych) think that Ukraine should not join the European Union and protested Yanukovych removal. So then Russian leaders decided that they should intervene for the sake of Russian speaking Ukrainians, too the west side of Ukraine it seems like the Russian leaders are ignoring the valid reasons that Yanukovych was removed for. Some believe that Russian president Vladimir Putin is using this conflict as a distraction from Russia sinking economy. Emergence

THIS CONFLICT ROSE INTO EMERGENCE WHEN RUSSIA ANNEXED CRIMEA. PEOPLE OF RUSSIA AND UKRAINE STARTED TO HATE EACH OTHER. Yanukovich signed a treaty in December 2013 with Russia.  it was agreed that Russia would buy $15 billion of Ukrainian Eurobonds and that the cost of Russian natural gas supplied to Ukraine would be lowered. This Led to a lot of violent protests. According to polling data by GfK taken from 4 to 18 March in all regions of Ukraine (including Crimea), 48% of Ukrainians support the change in power while 34% oppose it.  21 February 2014 President Viktor Yanukovych fledKiev, the capital due to his corruptions. Escalation

Now there was a lot of increase in the violence when people started protesting against Russia. between February 18 and...
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