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If love had eyes, it would not care if you have good looks or not. If love had ears, it would only care if you forgive. If it had a nose, even the worst scent will be pleasing. But it requires a good heart or else it would be wont welcome. - Mason Samuels

To win the game in times of trouble, don’t play the game.( Meaning that if you are in an argument and you can’t win, do not play the game at all) -Tron
Change requires shift; practicing a new, better format creates a better, transform body. -T.C.M.I
He who walk in truth, walk in light.
-Badge of honour
“I tried” means “I didn’t”.
-Building on spiritual substances (B.O.S.S)
Mistakes are like branches of a tree of failure, but when one extends himself, he becomes further from the main branch. -Mason Samuels Trying means to push further, push further requires more effort - Mason Samuels A chain weakest point is just as strong as the other points on the chain. -Unknown Believing in one self is like finding the light switch in dark room. After many trials we finally found what we looking for. If we give up we will be lost in the dark. - Mason Samuels Due to damage to this generation, love is no longer patient, kind, supportive, loyal, and hopeful but it has weakness and possibilities. It’s like a fruit from a tree you may never know if worms of deception until we taste it. - Mason Samuels A solider fight for his country. A disciple fights for God’s love, but Christian solider fights deception in the world and replace it with the truth....
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