Topics: Psychology, Mind, Thought Pages: 4 (498 words) Published: April 27, 2014


Djenica Chery
Professor De Marco

Area of Research= Psychology

Thesis= the following will reveal the psychological reinforced violence as portrayed in Poe-“The Black Cat”, Othello-“The Tragedy Of Othello”, and Emily Dickinson-“The Bustle in the House”, and the complications of perverseness, alienation and inhumanity.

Psychology behavior is a broad concept. It includes all kinds of activities and experience of an individual. It refers to not only motor or physical activities like walking, talking, writing, but also mental activities like thinking, remembering, imagining and emotional activities, like love, anger and fear. Life manifests through all these activities and behavior is a collective name for all kinds of activities. Psychology is the scientific study of a human mind, and its function. As a writer I am preparing to let my audience knows about psychology and how it affects the behavior of every human being. We do not know how our lives going to turn out in the future, but everything is connected. Some people believe in destiny and others in faith, but I am pretty certain that God will not destine anyone to be serial killer or to be a nut case. When I was reading the story of “The Black cat” I felt like one can never predict how their lives going to end in the future, and everyone can agree that the man in the story didn’t dream about being a psychotic killer it just happened; it’s like he did not have any control over his life and he is action. That along makes me wonder, I am thinking if he can kill his own wife and pretend like he did it for good reason, that anyone can turn out like that when they get pushed over their breaking point, so we must question ourselves, if everything that we do is for our own good or we just think it is, because we want to think it is. Expectations from the audience, I want everyone to think about their...
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