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Pros on School Uniform in Public Schools

By BLRICHARDS Apr 15, 2013 830 Words
Brian Richards

Pros on school uniforms in public schools.
School uniforms are a great way to maintain a level of social equality amongst students of all schools. It is said by many, that a professional uniform appearance in school children maintains and promote good discipline. Uniforms can dictate how children express themselves, which result in both positive and negative feedbacks amongst their peers. However the consequences of not wearing uniforms in school has often times proven too tragic for some students in school all over the country due to another child desire to deprived or even kill others for their belongings such has name brand clothes or shoes.

The department of education, in consultation with the department of justice, and under the direction of President Clinton has developed the manual of school uniforms. On February 24, 1996. President Clinton signed a directive to distribute this manual to the nation’s sixteen hundred public school districts. This proposal was implemented to curve the violence in schools has clothing issue was one major cause of violence in public schools. A recent national survey of 5,500 secondary school principals shows that they feel school uniforms will help eliminate violence.

This clothing appearance avoids distractions which enables children to focus and learn better. It has also been proven to be cost efficient especially among lower income families, especially in economical times like these and create a better team spirit amongst school children peers. According to reports on research in the Washington Times dated August 2008, school uniforms are cost effective has research shows that school uniforms cost significantly less than what most parents pay for unregulated school clothing. School uniforms are less expensive than other types of clothing. A student can easily be outfitted with easy-care, long-lasting uniforms for about $150.00 a year. This includes 10-12 items. The durability, reusability and the year to year consistency also cut cost.

Due to my cultural upbringing, school uniforms were a must in school from kindergarten all the way through to high school. I currently have three children of my own, one attends private school and the other two attends public schools, it cost me less to clothe the private school child unlike the public school ones due to type of clothes and cost efficiency. When all students dress in similar attire this develops a great sense of ambassadorship and equality amongst each other. On the contrary there are others who may disagree and argue the point about student self expression is been stifled and that uniforms will force every student in one mold, which can lead to more cases of bullying and that it should be reserved for private and not public schools.

To solve problem of this nature, some adults should realize that children learns what they live and they should set better examples for youngsters to emulate. People in general have to be more considerate of others. This starts with us adults understanding of people difference in culture and affordability due to others position or situation. Most adults will agree that school is an institution for students to get a good education and a place where they expect their children to be safe. However the concern over the desire to wear or not to wear uniforms in school can be solved easily if both parents and children alike focus on the main concern which is education and not materialistic desires.

Uniforms approach to schooling will and can eliminate negativity amongst students. Many parents believe that students wearing school uniforms looks appropriate so if an adult can figure out uniforms which are considerable affordable and stress that individuality and self expression among student then an attractive standard of dress appearance will enhance school spirit, good self image and school unity. Just like an athletic team uniforms promote unity. Similar research in the Washington DC: U.S.Newswire dated August, 1996: shows a student’s appearance and teachers expectation means high achievement and a safe environment is essential for learning so school uniforms in school can eliminate clothing use to intimidate or conceal contraband.

In addition, uniforms make it easier for school officials to identify any non student and outsiders. As a parent it is my moral beliefs and due to my personal experience it is my obligation to insure that our children are allowed to grow up to be creative and independent thinkers so wearing school uniforms has a child then and with today’s violent society which incorporates its self in schools, clearly illustrates to me the fundamental and importance of wearing a uniform in school in public schools.

This essay shows ideas and policies which have been suggested, debated and even implemented over the years. The dissatisfaction with performance and behavior in public school due to uniforms. Brunsma L.David, Uniforms in public schools; A decade of research and debate; Dec:13, 2005 Ashcraft Brian and Ueda Shoko, Japanese school girls confidential: How teenage girl made a nation cool; Aug1, 2010

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