Pros and Cons of Cell Phones in Schools

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The Center for Disease Control’s 2008 Wireless Substitution report shows that one of every seven Americans place and receive most, if not all, of their calls on a wireless phone. The increase in cell phone usage has expanded into our children’s schools. Many children in today’s society carry a cell phone on their person to school. This increase of usage and change of demographic has created a debate in many schools.

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School Emergencies
The increase of school shootings and threats has encouraged parents to allow their children to carry cell phones to school. Cell phones have successfully been used in schools to call in threats and activities to emergency officials. These calls have often saved lives and reduced the number of casualties resulting from these dangers. The video and camera features that many cell phones carry have been used to provide direct feed to officials, aiding officials in safely counteracting threatening activity.

Reduced Emergency Response
While these positive benefits have helped to reduce threatening activities, many officials and parents oppose cell phones in school. Many officials oppose this usage because cell phones have the potential to detonate real bombs with their signals. These officials also state that student cell phone usage can impede with the official’s safety response by accelerating parental response to the site "during times when officials may be attempting to evacuate students to another site."

Cell phones have been known to overload calling systems during crisis situations. Officials and teachers agree that student cell phone usage could block their attempts to providing crisis information and hinder crisis team action by overloading the systems with student calls. School crisis teams often use cell phones for emergency communication during critical times.


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