Proposal Training Needs Assessment

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A Must for Developing an Effective Training Program

What is TNA?
“Training needs assessment is an ongoing process of gathering data to determine what training needs exist so training can be developed to help the organization accomplish its objectives.”
Conducting needs assessment is fundamental to the success of a training program.

The Problems
• Often, organizations will develop and implement training without first conducting a needs analysis.
• These organizations run the risk of overdoing training, doing too little training or missing the point completely.

The Importance Of TNA
Four (4) main reasons why needs analysis must be done before training programs are developed.
1. To identify specific problem areas in the organization.
.HR and management must know what the problems are so that the most appropriate training (if training is the answer) will be directed to those organizational problems. .We will talk to a few people to find out what the problems are. Then when we develop the program, we can zero in on a specific situation, rather than just use a random approach.”

The Importance Of TNA
2. To obtain management support.
Management usually thinks training is a “nice thing to do.” The way to obtain management support is to make certain that the training directly affects what happens in that manager’s department.

The Importance Of TNA
3. To develop data for evaluation.
Unless information on needs are developed prior to conducting training, the evaluations that take place after the program may not be valid.
In conducting a needs analysis first, trainers can measure the effectiveness of a program.

The Importance Of TNA
4. To determine the costs and benefits of training.
Training is usually looked upon as a nuisance rather than a contribution to the bottom line of the organization.
However, a thorough needs assessment that identifies the problems and performance deficiencies, allows management to put a cost factor on the training needs.

Types of Analysis
A thorough needs analysis examines training needs on three levels: Organizational
Task, and

Organizational Analysis
• Organizational analysis examines where training is needed in the organization and under what conditions the training will be
• It identifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities that employees will need for the future, as the organization and their jobs evolves or changes.

Task Analysis
• Task analysis begins with job requirements and compares employee knowledge and skills to determine training needs.
• Examining job descriptions and specifications provide necessary information on expected performance and the skills employees need to accomplish their work.
• Any gaps between performance and job requirements indicate a need for task training.

Individual Analysis
• Individual Analysis targets individual employees and how they perform in their jobs.
• Using information or data from an employee’s performance review in determining training program needs is the most common method. • If an employee’s review reveals deficiencies, training can be designed to help the employee meet the performance standard.

Next Step
• Once needs have been analyzed and identified, the next step is we will develop the training proposal.

• We have seen that the rationale for developing a training program relies heavily on identifying training needs and justifying the costs and benefits to the organization.
• Without a clear understanding of needs, training efforts are at best randomly useful and at worst, useless.
• The end result is a more precise picture of training needs, which can lead to a performance improvement oriented training program and better results from training

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