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in sexual reproduction, two parents contribute genetic information in the form of a gamete. The gametes fuse and an offspring is produced from the fertilized egg. The fourth property of all living organisms possess is that populations of organisms evolve over many generations. Adaptations are inherited characteristics that allow organisms to survive in a particular environment. The seahorse has evolved and adapted camouflage. Which property is NOT a property of all living things? Ability to move* Properties of living things: having order, reproduce, evolve. Organisms that produce sexually do not produce exact copies of themselves.* Cells are the basic units of life.*

The theory of evolution explains how populations, over time, have adapted to their changing environment. Although many scientists and non-scientists proposed that life was not static throughout the years it wasn’t until the 19th century that Charles Darwin proposed a mechanism to scientifically explain how evolution could occur. In 1859 Charles Darwin published The Origin Of Species.

Darwin made many observations that lead to the realization of the process of evolution. The first, all populations contain variation on a genetic level. The second, offspring inherit characteristics from their parents. The third, organisms with the most appropriate characteristics for their environment will leave the most offspring. This is the mechanism of natural selection. Evolution: Genetic Variation, Heredity, Natural Selection.

Phylogenetic tree shows how organisms are evolutionary related. We call it this name because the phylogeny of n organism is its evolutionary history. As we move up the tree, we move from the past into the present As time goes by, some members of the population experienced changes in its genetic material, called mutations. The tips of the branch represent recent species of groups of related organisms. Domain of life: Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya. Organisms...
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