Promotional Strategy

Topics: Weighted mean, High school, Marketing Pages: 13 (6998 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Title: Assessment on the Promotional Strategies of Batangas State University: Basis for Marketing Strategies Development Authors:Nickie Boy A. Manalo

University: Batangas State University
Campus:Main Campus I
Department: College of Accountancy, Business and Economics, International Hospitality Management and CustomsAdministration Year: 2012
II. Abstract
The study conducted is entitled “Assessment on the promotional strategies of Batangas State University: Basis for marketing strategies development.. Different university and colleges created or enhances their new strategies to attract students. Batangas State University is an office licensed by the Commission on Higher Education which receive, handle and take custody to execute programs that could enhance the promotional strategy of Batangas State University. The main objective of the study is to assess the effectiveness of the promotional activities of BSU. This research aims to determine the effectiveness , accuracy, efficiency and good performance of BATSTATE-U with regards to their promotional activities, materials, time frame, persons involve, and the scope of promotional campaign. In addition to that, to identify possible factors which hindrances the success of the promotional strategies of Batangas State University. Lastly, the researcher wants to formulate marketing strategies which could help in increasing the enrollees of BATSTATE-U. The researchers have chosen the descriptive research design in this study. The findings are primarily obtained from 200 respondents in first year of different colleges. Survey questionnaires are the instrument in gathering the needed data. The researchers use statistical tools such as weighted mean, reference materials such as books and internet to analyze and interpret the result of the study. It was found out that most of the respondents believe in the message incorporated in each promotional materials used by the university. On the other hand they are also satisfied when it comes to the service quality of the personnel involve in the promotion. Lastly, respondents give a good remark that BATSTATE-U gives accurate promotional information. The researcher recommended that Batangas state university should focus on their goals satisfying current and potential students. The school should guide and assists the students in their needs and also inform them about their plans and activities concerning growths and opportunities. Through this, the researchers formulated strategies .that would enhance the awareness and recognition of potential clients about the brand name and mark of BATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY. Introduction

Career talk is one of the major promotional strategies of Batangas State University. Most of the universities are spending big amount of money to advertise their schools while Batangas State University prioritize to have a personal interaction with different High Schools and Academies. This study will show how effective the promotional strategy, promotional materials and promotional activities of the university. We use several methods to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of Batangas State University’s promotional strategy. It is to measure the productivity of the strategy being used by the university in promoting their offerings directly and indirectly to target clientele. Background of the study

Batangas State University founded way back 1903 when Manual Training under the supervision of an American principal, Mr. Scheer on its present site in Batangas City. Two years later it was named Batangas Trade School admitting only male students for gainful occupations such as woodworking. It was destroyed by a fire on 1928 until classes resume on 1932. Classes were closed again after the World War II broke out in the Philippines. Batangas State University established in 1903 and was rebuilt on 1948 under the Rehabilitation Act of 1946 as it began to admit female students for cosmetology and food and...

Bibliography: : What is the Meaning of the Descriptive Method in Research? | is the Meaning of the Descriptive Method in Research? | is the Meaning of the Descriptive Method in Research? |
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