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Promotion Activity: Airline Industry

Marketing Mix:
Marketing involves a large number of activities. In beginning, an organization has to decide target group of customers to whom to be served. When the target group of customer are decided, then the product or service is launched in market. The launching of product is done with the help of the proper product, price of product, distribution of product and appropriate promotion activity for product. These whole processes are combined in a perfect proportion to achieve the optimum output of marketing. This whole combination of product, price, distribution and promotion is called Marketing Mix (Cannon, McCarthy, 2010). Marketing mix contains essential set of variables that helps firm to influence their buyer. The essential variables are 4 P’ i.e. product, price, place (distribution) and promotion. Structure of marketing mix:

Price after sales service
Terms of payment
Distribution channel
After sales service
Media communication
Sales force
Promotions always play a vital role for every organization. It is a way to communicate to the buyers about product and product policies. Through this, the buyers get an idea about product and its value to them. In others words, it provide information about product to the buyers. Promotion includes lots activities which aid to share knowledge about product and its policies to the buyer. Such activities are advertising, media communication, sponsorship, sales force and lots more. Word of mouth, public relations, corporate social responsibilities, trade fair are also considering as a promotional activity. In this case, organization does not have pay directly. American Airlines:

It is a major airline carrier in U.S.A. Headquarter of American Airline is in Fort Worth, Texas. It has huge network of domestic and international. The flights are schedule throughout U.S.A, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia. Promotion Objective of American Airline:

Promotion objectives for any organization are same. Promotion of product or service is done only to raise the sale of it in market. Others objectives are information about product or service to the buyers and its good features. The main objectives of American airline are to increase in sales and retention of customers. This is done through with good promotion activity, where they provide information about their services and features. Promotion Strategy of American Airline:

They promote themselves with help of communication channels in large number. The communication channels are news releases (in this they tell about their financial reports, their new strategies), press kits (used to tell about their features and technology), multimedia library (eg. Television advertising, mms clips) and social media (eg. facebook, tweeter, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, instagram and lots more) The way of promotion is very unique, which attract the buyers. Even though, they have launched loyalty program for frequent flyer which is also attracting strategy of promotion. According to the Corporate Responsibility Report, The American Airline has done good work in social and economic aspects, which gives a good footprint into market. Comparison:

There are many airline services in U.S.A. A couple of airline services in U.S.A. are Delta Air Line and United Airlines, with their promotion strategies are following: Delta Air Line:
Delta Air Line, a big name in this service industry of US. It’s headquarter is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. It comes second in rank after American Airlines, in terms of enplaned passengers, number of destination and fleet size. They are using most unique way to promote themselves. Their main in promotion strategy is to connecting customers with brand. In their, promotion activities they tell the buyers about...

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