Promoting Cognitive Development

Topics: Developmental psychology, Psychology, Intelligence Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Stephans, M

Piaget was interested in how children think; Piaget says children learn with intelligent, video, cognitive development. He believes putting the development and learns. He believes that children learn by doing or copying as their fears. Anal stage is an important stage. B.F. skinner is a. behaviorist he believed that behavior is learned such as praising. He believes to praise for good things and not for bad behavior ignore it. He also believes that if you praise to much a child will just do things to please the parent. Les Vygotsky believes that children copy what they see their parents doing. He believed in cultural, Vygotsky believes in children construct knowledge. Vygotsky believes social interaction is vital ingredients in learning in development. Vygotsky believes the children should be shown so they can be successful. Piaget, Erikson’s, Skinner and Vygotsky believe that children learn by how and they think they also learn with intelligent and cognitive development. Erikson’s and Freud agree with Piaget that children learn by doing and they also learn by their fears. Such as going to the doctor, the pretend play and interact with each other like they are doctors. They substitute things that a doctor would use.

Erikson’s and Freud also thin the anal stage is important because that is when children are being potty trained and using the potty by their selves. They are learning how important it is to wash their hands. Children are developing social interaction at this time because they are being developed. If a child is having a hard time doing something on their own and keep messing up the teacher should show the child to do it. Explain how each theorist would approach the issues of cognitive development to early childhood. Is seeking the growth and understanding changing and intellectual capabilities of cognitive behavior. A mentalist examines learning and memory...
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