Project Risk and Quality Management: Analysis of Winding Defects Found at Eastend Power, Inc.

Pages: 3 (554 words) Published: March 20, 2011
PMGT 423 – 102

Assignment 2
Managing Quality
Eastern Power, Inc.

Prepared by,
Parthvi Lal

17th February, 2011

1. Outline for Roger Jackson’s report.

Report on: Analysis of winding defects found at Eastend Power , Inc. To be prepared by consultant: Roger Jackson
Prepared for VP Operations : Jackie Smith
Company : Eastend Power , Inc.
Eastend Power , Inc. , manufacturer of wire windings has experienced an increasing problem with rejected product found during the manufacturing operation. While inspecting it was found that there were 3 machines that wound wire onto plastic cores to produce the primary and secondary electric motor windings. After production , the windings went to Quality Control dept. and then were send for packaging to Packaging department. The problem is that too many windings are found to be defective and require reworking before they can be packaged. Expectations:

Roger Jackson the consultant has been assigned the task to analyze the situation and make recommendations to overcome this problem. Also give justification for his recommendations. He is being provided with the statistical data regarding the number of faults occurring at each windings during a month’s period. He is not expected to make technical recommendation but to indicate the right direction. 2. What charts, graphs, computer printouts, and so forth might be included in the report? Following should be included in the report:

Check sheet showing the details of errors and their count in tabular form. •Bar graph showing the types of faults and number of occurrence of those faults for each winder. •Histogram showing the comparison for the three winders , with regards to fault type on one axis and number of those faults on other axis. •Pareto chart to help in identifying and prioritizing main problem areas.

3. Jackson’s recommendation, with justification :

Jackson should...
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