Project Planning

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Project Plan Forecast
"A project monitoring system involves determining what data to collect; how, when, and who will collect the data; analysis of the data; and reporting current progress. Gray and Larson (2006)." A communications plan. addressing how progress will be reported to the various project sponsors and executives "When giving a status report to superiors, project managers must present the most positive image possible without stretching the truth. They should adapt their communication pattern to that of the senior group, making it a point to use buzzwords and jargon valued by superiors in their presentations. Gray and Larson (2006)" Project communication plan is a way updating and keeping in touch with sponsors and executive, to give them the progress of the project. Constant and effective communication among all project stakeholders, sponsors and executives are always lending factors to a successful project. For the Jamba Juice project, the external stakeholders will be kept informed of the progress at all times, the communication plan will be detail enough for the stakeholders and most important be able to manage the stakeholders expectations. Before the report the Jamba Juice project manager will be able to find out what information they need, why, when in what detail and what medium will best accomplish the information.

There will quarterly meeting and presentation to keep Jamba Juice project stakeholders update with the a progress report. The progress report will include the following, introduction, which will always remain the stakeholders, the purpose of the report and its intended audience. Work completed, Work schedule, problem encounter, changes in requirements and summary of an overall assessment, which will be a conclusion needed to opinion of how the project is an on going project and the project is yet to be finished. A schedule for the project with tasks, duration, effort, resources and dependencies IDTask NameDurationStartFinishResource NamesPredecessors 1Jamba Juice159 days6/1/2007 0:001/9/2008 0:00

2Phase 1- Project Plan65 days6/1/2007 8:008/30/2007 17:00Vice President 3Project Opportunity20 days6/8/2007 8:007/5/2007 0:00Vice President 4Research the market and completion3 days6/8/2007 8:006/12/2007 17:00Vice President11 5Interview owners of similar business 3 days6/13/2007 8:006/15/2007 17:00Vice President4 6Interview owners of other Jamba Juice stores3 days6/18/2007 8:006/20/2007 17:00Vice President5 7Identify need resources3 days6/21/2007 8:006/25/2007 17:00Vice President6 8Identify operating cost3 days6/26/2007 8:006/28/2007 17:00Vice President7 9Choosing a location5 days6/29/2007 8:007/5/2007 17:008 10Licenses25 days6/1/2007 8:007/5/2007 17:00

11Building Permit5 days6/1/2007 8:006/7/2007 17:00Government Agency 12State Inspections5 days6/8/2007 8:006/14/2007 17:00Government Agency11 13Fire Deartment5 days6/15/2007 8:006/21/2007 17:00Government Agency12 14Amercan Disp. Act5 days6/22/2007 8:006/28/2007 17:00Government Agency13 15Food Inspection and Licenses5 days6/29/2007 8:007/5/2007 17:00Government Agency14 16Insurances15 days7/6/2007 8:007/26/2007 17:00

17Liability5 days7/6/2007 8:007/12/2007 17:00Insurance Agency; lawyer15 18Fire Insurance5 days7/13/2007 8:007/19/2007 17:00Insurance Agency; lawyer17 19Theft Insurance5 days7/20/2007 8:007/26/2007 17:00Insurance Agency; lawyer18 20Top Management45 days6/29/2007 8:008/30/2007 17:00Vice President 21Hiring Staff25 days6/29/2007 8:008/2/2007 17:00Vice President 22Project Manager5 days6/29/2007 8:007/5/2007 17:00Vice President35 23Human Resouces5 days7/6/2007 8:007/12/2007 17:00Vice President22 24Banker5 days7/13/2007 8:007/19/2007 17:00Vice President23 25lawyer5 days7/20/2007 8:007/26/2007 17:00Vice President24 26Contractors5 days7/27/2007 8:008/2/2007 17:00Vice President25 27...
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