Project Plan: Dutch Auctioning System

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Project Plan
Auction Management System
Group 1

Document History

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Table of Contents

Document History2
Table of Contents3
Purpose of this document4
1. Project Statement5
1.1 Formal client5
1.2 Project team5
1.3 Current situation5
1.4 Project Goal5
1.5 Selected approach6
1.6 Project product7
1.7 Project deliverables7
1.8 Project non deliverables7
1.9 Project constraints7
Delivery Constraints7
Operating System7
2. Phasing8
2.1 Phase I: Initiative phase9
2.2 Phase II: Definition phase9
2.3 Phase III: Design phase10
2.4 Phase IV: Realization phase10
2.5 Phase V: Transfer phase11
2.6 Client Planning11
3 Management Plan12
3.1 Money12
3.2 Skills12
3.3 Quality12
3.4 Risks13
3.5 Information13
3.6 Organization14
3.6.1 Internal Structure14
3.6.2 External Structure15
3.6.3 Project Roles and Responsibilities15
Appendix 1:16

Purpose of this document

This document’s purpose is to define the project and capture the essential information for its correct management. Its goal is to identify the project as correctly as possible, to serve as a basis for future administration and enable the assessment of the project’s success.

This document will be used:

• By the client to receive information about the project, the members of the team and their plan. It will be used in order to have the ability to make a good decision before committing to the realization of the venture

• By the Project Leader, who can monitor the progress of the assignment and serve and refer to the document whenever questions appear regarding the project’s validity

1. Project Statement

1.1 Formal client

1.2 Project team

Project leader:

Document controller:


1.3 Current situation

The client wants to have a Dutch Auction Management System with servers for each country.

1.4 Project Goal

The goal of this project is to create a Dutch Auctioning System where the user can put up items for auction and bid on other items.

Each country has one server. A user can register on the server of his/her own country and he/she can log on to the same server. The user account data is stored in all the servers.

All users can view/search for item(s) by using keywords in all servers and follow the item they want.

The auction process: The auction creator sets the initial price (highest price), and the interval time and amount for the price decrease. When the auction starts, price will decrease N price every M time. The auction ends when the first bidder that follows the item bids.

1.5 Selected approach

The project uses an incremented phasing approach.

In the first increment we will draw up a Project Plan which will be presented to the client. Changes will be made if necessary and along with the final version of the Project Plan we will also send a Process document...
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