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Project is designed to produce a result of giving birth of a products, a service or an improvement with a definite beginning and ending and given the clear goal and objectives. I order to successfully implement a project, planning, organizing, motivating, controlling resources, procedure are the process and activity designed to meet a specific goals. There are 2 challenges of project management process: its constraints including scope, time, quantity and budget and the ultimate goals of optimizing the allocation of the given resources to produce the best results. These theories about project management are supposed to help managers have a clear imagination about what they have to do to produce the best result in practice. However , in practice, when it comes to project management, things are more complicating. The procedure is redesigned, modified in different ways to match the project characteristics, or some steps needs to be focused more or ignored or adjusted. The difference between theory and application should be minimized to produce the desired effects. In this report, the author is going to try to cope with an imaginary situation and execute all the theories in project management subjects to come up with a proper procedure to complete the given task. In the planning process, some special knowledge should be employed to give a clearer action planning from which the whole activities in the project will be descried in detail. Last but not least, the author will also come up with some expected problems which might happen when project implementation. Project implementation

Project summary
A factory needs to build a maintenance building in which the electrical generators and water tanks were connected. In order to complete this mission, the process requires 6 main steps: excavate, erect building, install generator and tank, install maintenance equipment, connect generator and tank to the building, paint on a finish and check out facility. These steps needs to follow a chronological order with a strict time frame to finish and start Critical path method

To develop the project, the critical path method (CPM) was used. This method is going to provide some advantages including: Providing the graphical view of the project by using the diagram to express the steps and the involvement within the project; predict the time to complete the project and show the activities which are critical and minor to maintain and finish the project. There are 5 steps in CMP project planning: specify the individual activity, determine the results of these activities, draw a network, estimate the time to finish for each activities, identify the critical paths (the longest path through the network) and update the project when the project progress. The application of CMP into the project is given in the table the graphic network bellows: Activity Activity description Activity Predecessor Activity Duration (weeks) A Excavate 2

B Erect building A 6
C Install generator A 4
D Install tank A 2
E Install maintenance equipment B 4
F Connect generators and tank to building B, C, D 5
G Paint on finish B 3
H Check out facility E, F 2
Activity network is an essential way to illustrate the given project data. The network will show the tasks to be completed, the time frame for each task and the constraints. In the work of building a maintenance house, the activity network as follows:

Critical path is the longest duration path through the net work or the shortest time for project comletetion. The critical path is the connection of all critical activities. The identification of critical path invloved the finding of: -Earliest start time: the earlies start time for the activities given the oprecesent activities must be completed first; -Earliest finish time: Earliest start time + time required to finish the activities; -Latest finish time: Latest time to complete the porject without delaying the project;...
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