Project Brief Report on Orbit Housing Association

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Orbit housing association was established in 1966 by Eric Bellingham and Clifton Beckenham and it has since grown to be one of the leading housing groups in the UK. With about 36,000 homes, Orbit provides employment for around 15,000 people.

Orbit housing association creates brighter future for people and their communities by following five key values * Honesty
* Respect
* Innovation
* Partnership
* Excellence

The main objective of orbit is to provide quality inexpensive homes, and to be recognised as the leading and most innovative provider of affordable housing in the region. This can be achieved if we change the way we work that is by been effective with repairs and ensuring there is value for money with the service that is been provided, ensuring they receive personal, focused service they deserve , this is done by understanding customers needs an expectations ,according to (ORBIT GROUP) orbit engage residents every three months in a consultation so that they can get first hand information from tenants, engage in community groups and other organisations to build and convey plans for investment that will make real, long term differences and put together cohesive and sustainable neighbourhoods that bring a direct benefit to our residents and the wider community, the main aim is to reduce management and maintenance cost over the long term and reducing the cost of turnover in the management of their portfolio homes.

* Working together with local authorities and stakeholders * Eradicating worklessness and providing training and other services so that they could access employment * Services provided by orbit would be value for money

* Investing in properties to ensure homes are of standard quality * To have progress with performance in all areas of business * To be answerable to tenants and permit them to have tangible influence on the management of their homes and services receive * To be an employer and efficient service provider.

Orbit housing association has got a 5 year plan to improve services of orbit, it includes

1.1 The stakeholders which are the board, residents and employees were compensated with all areas of orbit achieving investors in people accreditation. The IT systems and tools were invested to develop and give people the information needed. Cost is been pushed down thereby saving around £1million to allow orbit to invest more in building.

Residents and our Board, and our people-centric culture were rewarded with all areas of Orbit achieving Investors in People accreditation. We invested in our IT systems and tools to improve efficiencies and to give our people the information they need, when they need it. We continued to drive down costs, hitting challenging targets for generating external income and delivering procurement savings of around £1 million to enable Orbit to invest more in building brighter futures.

Customers are first priority, trying to give people in communities’ different ways to reach us easily, either over the phone, e-mail or via range of digital platforms. We continued to enhance our customer service. We implanted inspection to allow our customers confront the quality of services that is been rendered, Brian Griffiths award is awarded to people to help communities reach their potentials, ranging from purchasing computer and funding.


It is very important to develop new plan to take orbit in to the future, however in a situation where there are large social, economic and environmental factors that affect the proposed plan, the strategy had to be outstanding. In 2011 a programme that was meant to start in 2020 was launched, the staffs, customers and stakeholders participated and this has gained momentum over the...
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