Progressive Relaxation/ Deep Muscle Relaxation

Topics: Urinary bladder, Relaxation technique, Heart Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: September 10, 2008
Stress Management Proposal

Name of technique:Progressive Relaxation/Deep Muscle Relaxation Description of technique:

While inhaling tense a group of muscles such as you fist, your arms, your legs, or your back. Relax the muscles while exhaling. Repeat. Summary or analysis of personal experience:

I used the Progressive Relaxation Technique by taking a deep breath in and tensing a group of muscles in my body for a slow count of five, and then slowly relaxing the muscles while exhaling to a slow count of five. I repeated this for each group of muscles three times. I did this procedure four to five times a day. In addition, during stressful parts of my days I would use the same technique but only do the muscles in my hands and/or feet. The first day I did this I actually got a little lightheaded from all the deep breathing. However, the third and fourth time I did it that day I found I did not get as lightheaded. During the first day I noticed that my breathing was more even, I was able to focus better and not get as distracted and I was overall less irritated. By the end of the second day I noticed that there was by far less muscle tension throughout my entire body, I was thinking much more clearly, I was noticeably less stressed, and it was very easy to get to sleep that night and stay asleep. Since I am an insomniac that is quite an accomplishment! The third day, I noticed it took less time to get my body to relax than it had the first two days. Also, I was able to relieve stress faster. During stressful moments in the day it was very easy to calm down and relax while doing the technique. Even during a very big, very stressful meeting. I will most definitely be continuing this technique as I found it very simple to do and the results were almost instantaneous. Time needed during each session and frequency of sessions per week:

It took me less than 10 minutes to do each session the first day and I did it five...
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