progressive era

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The Progressive era and the gilded age
In the Gilded age the people of the united state started to grow industries, the production was iron and steel and it grow dramatically then a wave of immigrants came to America and started working. But this immigrants didn’t had the right’s to be free in the streets because they were controlled by the police powers this people from the government that want this immigrant to work hard and to work for hours instead of just 5 hours , they had to work days and night no stop and some of this immigrants started dyeing. The mole immigrants started working on the western resources some of this resources were lumber, gold, and silver and they increased the demand for improved transportation. Then the immigrants that worked on the industry’s had come from Europe some of his immigrants brought their kids and wife’s the kids had to work on the factories because of their small hands and the women’s had to work there to ,then for the men had to work on the railroad and on the making of steel. This people started everything, one of them is Andrew Carnegie is the social responsibility of the rich. Carnegie is a person that felt that any person should be distributed for the good of society. Carnegie was born in the Dunfermline which is in Scotland, on 1835. Carnegie’s father was a  weaver, a profession the young Carnegie was expected to follow, but Carnegie seed “I began to learn what poverty meant," Andrew would later write. "It was burnt into my heart then that my father had to beg for work. And then and there came the resolve that I would cure that when I got to be a man." Andrew's mother went to work to support the family, opening a small grocery shop and mending shoes. When Carnegie had the age to work at the telegraph, one of the men Carnegie met at the telegraph office was Thomas A. Scott, then beginning his impressive career at Pennsylvania Railroad. Scott was taken by the young worker and referred to him as "my boy Andy,"...
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