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Programming exercises
1.Consider the following incomplete C++ program


int main()

a.Write a statement that include the header files fstream, string, and iomanip in this program. b.Write statements that declare inFile to be an ifstream variable and outFile to be an ofstream variable. c.The program will read data from the file inData. txt and write output to the file outData. txt. Write statements to open both of these files, associate inFile with inData. txt, and associate outFile with outData. txt. d.Suppose that the file inData. txt contains the following data:

10.20 5.35
Randy Gill 31
18500 3.5

The numbers in the first line represent the length and width, respectively, of a rectangle. The number in the second line represents the radius of a circle. The third line contains the first name, last name, and the age of a person. The first number in the fourth line is the savings account balance at the beginning of the month, and the second number is the interest rate per year. (Assume thatp = 3.1416.) The fifth line contains an uppercase letter between A and Y (inclusive). Write statements so that after the program executes, the contents of the file outData. txt are as shown below. If necessary, declare additional variables. Your statements should be general enough so that if the content of the input file changes and the program is run again(without editing and recompiling), it outputs the appropriate results.

Length = 10.20, width = 5.35, area = 54.57, parameter = 31.10

Radius = 15.60, area = 764.54, circumference = 98.02
Name: Randy Gill, age: 31
Beginning balance = $18500.00, interest rate = 3.50
Balance at the end of the month = $18553.96

The character that comes after A in the ASCII set is B

e.Write statements that close the input and output files.
f.Write a C++ program that tests the statements in parts a through e.

4. During each summer, John and Jessica grow...
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