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Tony Stark or to most people Iron Man, is my favorite super hero. The version of Iron Man I like is from the recent movies. I believe Robert Downey Jr. does a great job at portraying him. My favorite parts about him are his sarcastic humor, narcissistic attitude, but also his willingness to change which has always been hidden deep down within himself. Tony Stark may not be the most appropriate super hero to look up to with the way his attitude is but he does many great things. Many people see Stark as two different people, without the suit many people see him as his narcissistic sarcastic self, when he puts that suit on most people completely forget about Tony Stark and only see Iron Man. There are two people who see Tony’s true potential and realize he is a good guy all the time that is his best friend Rhodey and the love of his life Pepper Potts. Now Rhodey has been his best pal since the beginning, always there to clean up after Tony. Ms. Pepper Potts is a whole different story, she is behind the scenes always looking out for Tony and you can tell early there is a connection there but it takes a while for them both to finally admit it. There are many interesting things about Tony Stark, they may not all be good but nonetheless he is still a hero.

Tony Stark is a very conceited person in the beginning of his journey. He is a very wealthy man and he makes sure he always looks nice. Tony also always hits on women because he thinks so highly of himself that they should too. In the early days of his journey he only cares about himself, he will do whatever it takes to make himself happy. He likes to think nobody is better than him and he should come first over everyone. When he thinks he is better than everyone and treats others like crap this causes many people to not like him. Whenever anyone does that an enemy rises almost every time. Tony has much to learn throughout his time as a hero.

During the first movie there comes a time when Tony has a near death...
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