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Professional athletes get paid way too much - by

Thank you to whoever accepts my debate
Let me start off...
Professional athletes get paid way too much. Here are some statistics on the salaries of pro athletes. Profession Average salary (per year) Minimum starting salary : Basketball player $2.2 million $220,000

Baseball player $1.37 million $109,000
Hockey player $892,000 $125,000
Football player $795,000 $131,000

In contrast
• The average pay for classroom teachers in the United States is $38,000 per year. At that rate, a teacher would need a little more than 27 years to make $1 million — less than half what a basketball player makes, on average, in just one year. • The average pay for firefighters in the United States is around $40,000. • The starting salary for police officers in the United States is around $29,000. Do athletes deserve more money than fire-fighters or teachers — people who hold what many consider to be more valuable jobs?

People who think pro athletes are overpaid say other, more important professions are more worthy. Police officers,firefighters, and doctors save lives sometimes while risking their own— for a fraction of what sports stars make. Soldiers defend and protect the country, sometimes giving their lives. Teachers are responsible for educating the country's children. The president of the United States earns $200,000 a year. Should the leader of the country make less money per year than a basketball player who is just starting out? Report this Argument

We live in a capitalistic society. Under capitalism, a person is paid capital slightly less than the profit that the employer thinks he will receive upon hiring the employee. Such is the exact same with sports [1].

The reason sports athletes are paid so much is because they are able to produce so much profit. Alex Rodriguez was obviously predicted to increase the revenue of the Yankees by millions, which naturally made a salary of millions...
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