Profession Of Arms Paper

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The Human Resources Sergeant plays a vital role in the Army Profession of Arms. An Army professional must have various attributes of good character and leadership skills and the “Be, Know, Do” qualities to be called a profession at all. All leaders must embrace the challenge of balancing multiple responsibilities at once within their profession in order to accomplish any mission. As a United States Army Human Resources Sergeants, we must always consider the culture of the Army and its Profession as an important factor to mission accomplishment. Human Resources Sergeants are those who provide the services needed for admin functions which in turn fuel’s the Army Profession of Arms. Role of the Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms The Army Profession of Arms purpose and intent is to enhance and reinforce the overall strength of the Army by building it and making it strong, full of professional Soldiers and leaders. This profession is rich in tradition and maintains the highest level of standards and discipline. What it means to be a profession

In ordered to be considered a profession, a field must possess certain attribute and standards. These attributes include a moral code, a set of values and dedication to a craft. Anyone in any profession can possess a job, show up daily and perform their duties in order to complete the task. However, that does not constitute a profession. A profession must have a distinct set of standards. These standards are a set of tools that each member must possess and abide by within their profession. A profession is more a way of life than it is as an everyday job you attend from nine to five every day. The way of life is simply put, without no time and boundaries. Someone who is a part of a profession means they are dedicated and loyal to its cause and everything it stands for to be a part of a profession. It is not something that can be changed simply by what you are wearing, what time of day it is, or...

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