Product Market Analysis

Topics: Razor, Shaving, Marketing Pages: 5 (1631 words) Published: September 29, 2014
Gillette is a brand of men’s safety razors and personal grooming products based in Boston, Massachusetts. Although primarily known for their facial razors, its owner Proctor & Gamble have expanded the Gillette brand by building something more than a precise blade; a complete regimen of male care products. Today, the company produces top of the line razors, backed by their “Gillette Science”, along with body washes, antiperspirants, creams, foams, and everything else related to men’s skin. Their newest innovation, as publicized in the ad I’ve chosen, the Fusion ProGlide Razor with FlexBall Technology, is a product unlike anything ever fashioned in the marketplace. Aside from its five blades that have been engineered to generate minimal tug and pull, the new “FlexBall” allows the razor to maneuver to every contour of a man’s face, essentially eliminating every hair in sight. While Gillette’s brand stands elite among male hygienic companies with its continuance of fresh ideas turned reality, it does involve itself in a product and service category that poses constant threats to its consumer base. Specifically, Gillette competes broadly with entities devoted to personal grooming which includes any business that helps enhance individual appearance, as well as industries keen on the creation of portable electrical appliances.

The Fusion ProGlide Razor with FlexBall Technology competes solely with rival razor blade producers. Even though Gillette contains a diversified array of products, establishing competitors across a spectrum of different industries, this particular item is constricted to the category of purely grooming devices. That stated, the main competitors to this product are Braun’s 7 Series, Schick Quattro, and the Philips Norelco Powertouch. Given the strength of the three companies presented, I pose that another competitor has seemingly gone unnoticed over the years; Gillette itself. It is quite apparent through advertisements and other marketing platforms that Gillette has consistently met our generation’s demands in regard to manufacturing a razor with advanced features. I question whether, at times, Gillette has to compete within its own doors in view of the fact that consumers aren’t going to be drawn to older technology. Regardless if the Mach3 or Fusion ProGlide holds great grooming qualities, the product performance is always downplayed by Gillette’s latest and biggest razor. To put forth, if not for the respective shaving-related adversaries noted above, not much would stand between the ProGlide and market dominance.

Gillette has segmented the market by providing its buyers with a superior razor that results in a high-quality shave, with the suitability of maintaining to be a disposable item. Many men hassle over their razor’s price, convenience, and overall grade, but with Gillette’s ProGlide, users have little reason to doubt the impact this product can create given its many consumer-friendly aspects. I think Gillette used several segmentation variables to accomplish the aforementioned aspects. Beginning, they used gender and age under the demographic dimension, showing their prospective consumers who exactly are their clients. Next, the psychographic and behavioral breakdowns include men who displayed a certain lifestyle and personality, as well as exhibited specific values. This area of customer characteristics has shown to be the most demonstrative section of their segmentation given the quality and quantity of men who use their razors. Ending, their brand has always been categorized as an economically friendly alternative to other shaving appliances portrayed through their distinctive clientele-base, evidenced by income and occupation. After cumulating the main segmentations of Gillette’s brand, I was able to properly describe their directed target market via this attached advertisement. In thoroughly reviewing the advertisement and analyzing Gillette’s brand, I have arrived at an...
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