Processing in the Past of the Computer Hardware

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Processing in the past of the Computer Hardware

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements
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Acurin, Mc Lester L.
February 20, 2013

In today’s information age, knowledge of computer is a must. We use computers in each and every aspect of our lives. Anybody who wants to succeed in today’s world cannot afford to ignore computer and communications technology. Irrespective of the field that one specializes in the basic knowledge of computers and modern technology is an absolute necessity may it be composing a letter or an article on the world processor and so on. Our society has become so dependent on computers that everyone cannot survive without them. Also, they are great tools in improving human productivity, provided one knows how to use them. Computers are truly amazing machine. Evolution of computer from mechanical device to the complex and sophisticated devices they are now. Computers are classified into different generations. From first generation to fifth generation computers. From first generation (1945-1956), second generations computers (1956-1963), third generation computers (1964-1971), fourth generations (1971-present) and fifth generations computers (present and beyond).

ENIAC, first computer have both hardware and software. Hardware consists of the mechanical and electronic devices, which we can see and touch. Software consists of programs, operating systems and the data that reside in the memory and storage devices.

Technology create big impact to human’s computer applications already cover a wide range of human needs and wants, from optimizing cattle feed to navigating aircraft to customizing production. Computers are powerful tools solving problems and meeting needs in today world with support from human intelligence, computers can expand human capabilities. Parts of computer as we now know, it did not appear all at once in one machine created by one person. This research on the processing in the past of computer hardware help us to know how do computer evolve and how modern technology start from past to present and beyond. This research will help everyone to learn the inventions of the computer. It will also lead people to the thoughts or ideas that some of them are curious about. The computers will let everyone to explore different things and to extend people’s thinking.

Our lifestyles have undergone a sea change with the advancement in technology especially in the field of computers. Computers are an integral part of our lifestyles today and are found at offices, homes, schools, colleges, hotels, shops etc. This advance in technology has made our lives easy and comfortable. For instance, we can execute a number of activities using computer based systems- we can write a draft on word processor and email it, make calculations using an electronic spreadsheet and incorporate graphics, create a database of friends with their phone numbers, addresses and e-mail ids etc. It is an arduous process to perform these activities using existing traditional methods.

The computer comprises of technologically advanced hardware put together to work at great speed. To accomplish its various tasks, the computer is made of different parts, each serving a particular purpose in conjunction with other parts. In other words, a 'computer' is an ensemble of different machines that you will be using to accomplish your job. A computer is primarily made of the Central Processing Unit (usually referred to as the computer), the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse. Other pieces of hardware, commonly referred to as peripherals, can enhance or improve your experience with the computer. The origin of computer technology took place in the 19th century. People desired to have a machine that would carry out mathematical calculations for them. The ABACUS is considered to have been the first computer in the...
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