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Topics: Brewing, Milk, Malt Pages: 3 (303 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Processing lines of food industry (PL) – exam questions

1.Foods division according theirs durability
2.Main reasons of food losses and food destruction
3.Ways of food durability prolongation
4.Basic terms of PL
5.Balance sheet of PL (technology process) – mass, energy, information 6.Criteria of PL subdivision
7.Types of reserves in PL
8.PL design principles and steps (user, designer, manufacturer) 9.Water activity; goals of food industry
10.Ways of PL energy consumption reduction

11.Flow chart of sugar factory + terminology
12.Beet reception and storage
13.Beet cleaning, washing and slicing
14.Juice extraction and pulp pressing
15.Lime-kiln and lime slaker
16.Juice clarification
17.Juice evaporator and steam/vapour/condensate system
18.Boiling plant (crystallisation) for raw sugar production 19.Thermal power station
20.Sugar final treatment
21.Water treatment system
22.Condensation station

23.Flow chart of dairy
24.Fresh tanker milk reception
25.Raw milk treatment and market milk production
26.Milk powder production
27.Butter-making line and process of butter-making
28.Yoghurt etc. production
29.Ice cream production
30.Curd and cheese production (soft and hard)

31.Flow chart of malt production
32.Barley reception
33.Barley steeping
34.Barley sprouting (malting)
35.Malting drum
36.Malting box
37.Sliding pile
38.Malt drying – two floor malt kiln
39.Final malt treating
40.Static round malt-house

41.Flow chart of brewery
42.Reception, cleaning and storage of raw materials
43.Malt preparation
44.Brewing house – technology
45.Brewing house – vessels characterisation
46.Wort cooling and filtration
47.Fermentation cellar, CC tanks
48.Storage cellar incl. beer cooling and filtration
49.Yeast culture plant
50.Bottling plant, KEG barrels

51.Flow chart of flour production line – mill industry
52.Grain – description, composition
53.Grain cleaning...
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