Procedure to Deal with Accident, Emergency and Illness

Topics: First aid, Teacher, Seizure Pages: 3 (570 words) Published: November 29, 2012

Common illnesses:
Looks paleDark rings around eyes
Quiet or irritableLost appetite
Has a rash or looks flushAppears more tired or lethargic

Serious illnesses:

Severe bleeding Chocking
UnconsciousnessEpileptic seizure
Suspected fracturesBreathing difficulties
Head injuriesDisorientation


Immediate action should be taken as follows:
Reassure the child •Do not move the child unless it is absolutely necessary
If children are unconscious they should be put into the recovery position •Do not give the child any food or drink
Keep the child warm
Ensure other children in the area are not at risk of being hurt •assistance will be sought from one of the appointed persons responsible for first aid. •Parents will be contacted in the event of illness or serious accident. •In addition to contacting of parents an ambulance will be called if required. •At the close of a serious incident the school should review its handling of the situation to see if there needs to be change to its procedures.

Reporting accidents/injuries:
Accidents/injuries need to be recorded in the accident books in the first aid box and a letter should be sent to parents. •All bumped heads should be recorded and a letter sent to parents. •Very serious incidents, e.g. where an ambulance is called need to be recorded on an accident report form, available in the office FIRE EMERGENCY

Anyone discovering fire or smoke should raise the alarm by breaking the glass at the nearest alarm point. On hearing the alarm:
Direct children to walk quietly to the nearest exit and then walk quietly in single file to the assembly points on the playground. •Children will line up in register order.
Ensure that the classroom is empty before leaving.
Everyone on site,...
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