Probation Officer Job

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I researched three jobs a correctional officer, a probation officer, and a prison rehabilitation councilor. Working in a prison can be dangerous no matter what the exact occupation is. I was very surprised to find out that as a correctional officer only a high school diploma is required or something equivalent with experience of two years. Yet there was no true definition of what two equivalent years of experience is. Other requirements including passing an entrance exam, and attending the academy. Yet on a national average they do make slightly more than a probation officer. On I found a job titles drug and alcohol rehabilitation specialist, from my research it’s a rehabilitation councilor. I was very surprised to find out that on a state average they make between 36 thousand to 44 thousands, but on a national level pay ranges from 31 thousand from 82 thousand. The more research I conducted the more interesting I found correctional jobs to be. All come with benefits, and get paid well and are stable. Correctional officers have a very high turn over rate, and therefore require long hours and offer job stability. From what I learned from reading New Jack being a correctional officer is not exactly for everyone. It’s a stressful occupation, they have to learn to separate their life from their home life. …show more content…
On a state level Probation officers and prison council’s actually make a decent amount of money starting off in 40k. I believe that they are some what compensated for their work on a state level. They have worked hard for their degrees and get paid more for just that. But on a national level I found it bizarre that the pay for councilor could have such a wide range. I believe that correctional officers are in fact compensated for their work based off the amount of education they have, it’s a living

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