Probation Officer Essay

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Probation Officer Probation or parole officers abound as the work I would like to pursue in the criminal justice department. This job is characterized by a follow up or supervision of offenders who have completed their jail term. Thus, the supervision takes the form of making follow ups regarding how a released offender leads their lives. According to research, such offenders are expected to lead a drug and crime free life (Crighton & Towl, 2008). They are expected to report on several occasions in the probation officer’s office, which is located at the County or State buildings. Besides, the offenders are expected to adhere to other specified requirements. The job entails visiting homes and neighborhoods of released offenders and getting …show more content…
Education and training are a prerequisite for a person to become a probation officer. A prospective probation officer should hold a bachelor’s degree in one or more of the following fields including social work, psychology, criminal justice or sociology. Research indicates that probation officers employed under the federal government need to possess two years of experience (Gaines & Miller, 2008). Formal training advanced by Federal or State governments is also a legal jurisdiction prerequisite. A certification exam is offered after the training process. Another essential requirement is the evaluation process, which takes almost a full year prior to one being confirmed as a probation officer. Promotions are also present within the work division and are a luxury for the few who excel at their jobs (Hess, …show more content…
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