Pro's and Con's Section 8 Housing

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Section 8 Housing Pros and Cons

Section 8 Housing Pros and Cons
Gary Hage
Composition II
Mr. Ryan May 16, 2010


Section 8 Housing Pros and Cons
Section 8 is government assistance to help low-income families obtain safe, decent, and affordable housing. A perspective section 8 tenant must apply to a local Public Housing Agency. When an eligible tenant comes to the top of the Public Housing Agency’s housing choice voucher waiting list, the Public Housing Agency issues a housing choice voucher to the tenant. Tenants who receive Section 8 vouchers are responsible for finding their own rental housing. The vouchers they receive from their housing agency are to help pay the rent. This is good for both the renter and the landlord; the amount of money section 8 pays for rent varies based on the voucher holder's qualifications. Once a voucher holder locates a property and is approved by the property manager, there is a string of events that take place. The voucher holder fills out a form that the property manager signs. The voucher holder submits this form to his/her case worker at the Public Housing Agency. The case worker executes a contract with the property manager. This contract authorizes the Public Housing Agency to make subsidy payments on behalf of the tenant. If the tenant moves out of the unit, the contract ends and the tenant can move with continued assistance to another property. In addition, the Public Housing Agency must conduct a physical inspection of the property to ensure it meets section 8’s standards of safety and code, after the inspection is approved and the paperwork is in order, the tenant can move in. Eligible tenants pay 30% to 40% of their adjusted monthly income toward the rent and utilities. As an example, a family who earns $600 per month might pay about $180.The City (using money appropriated by the U.S. Department of Housing and...
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