Prized Possession In Mrs. Perez By Oscar Casares

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Thought, Family, Salem witch trials, The Lottery / Pages: 2 (379 words) / Published: Sep 26th, 2016
In “Mrs. Perez” a short story written by Oscar Casares, a woman comes home to find out that she is missing a prized possession. Throughout the story we read about how she interacts and handles this incident in various ways. There are flashbacks throughout the story to further and deepen the plot.
In this short story, Mrs. Perez is a very good bowler. Bowling is her passion and she loves the sport indefinitely. One day she comes home to find out that her home has been broken into and robbed. Out of all the things missing like jewelry, pictures, and other things. What impacted her the most was her missing trophies and a cherry red bowling ball. The cherry bowling ball impacted her so much because she won most of her trophies with it. The ball

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